Punjab to get Oxford University modeled ‘Educity

The quality of education is of prime importance. Striving for more effective education is certainly not yet commonplace in the sector. Teachers and schools take many initiatives to innovate and improve their education, yet effectiveness is given little attention in this process. Punjab is coming up with Educity, the most ambitious education project of Punjab .The Educity will be modeled on the Oxford University. Be prepared.The Punjab government’s upcoming Educity at New Chandigarh, Mullanpur, would reportedly be “modelled on the UK’s Oxford University”.

Punjab to get Oxford University modeled 'Educity  - Sukhbir Singh Badal

It will realise its goal of becoming a world-class education hub. “EduCity is a brilliant concept and it will work. we will see the first cohort of students graduating. These institutes will definitely progressed very well in kick-starting their operations.

  1. Focused attention for effectivity in educational improvement and innovation
  2. Provide a stimulus for learning by variation and comparison
  3. Anchor effectivity better in HRM policy
  4. raising awareness of effectivity

The process of acquiring and developing 1,700 acres of land for the Educity project has already begun. On the whole, we are doing very well. However, we are still committed to delivering and sustaining a very high standard of education for the talent we want to develop through EduCity. We strongly support the institutions in EduCity to retain their autonomy regarding their operations, including their marketing, as they have the best knowledge of their offering and brand. We market EduCity on a strategic level, including its unique model and the diverse course offerings by the institutions. These are done through our participation in conferences, talks and exhibitions.

This would also bring the world class education within the reach of overseas education aspirants, he added. The project so completed would offer education facilities in courses like engineering, medical, management, biotech, tourism, hospital, multimedia and pharmaceuticals.

We want to raise awareness of EduCity and at the same time raise awareness of the universities in EduCity. Ultra-modern. “will not only provide the best of education but also the environment to fill the innovation gap in the curriculum and requirements of the industry”. To work more effectively demands less tightly defined and more flexible terms of employments.


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