Project for Smart City


Punjab is the only state where every village, town and city is connected through road network and state has the maximum density of roads in the country. It will enhances the quality of life. local economic development will take place. It will improve productivity and services.better water facilities and reduction of waste. Ludhiana will have two road projects costing Rs 1,238 crore which will ease traffic congestion in the industrial city. It will be more safer than other.

It will correlate with higher speeds and decreased levels of driver attention. It can easily approach their destination from any direction. This can improve both efficiency and livability of cities.To provide relief to the inhabitants of Ludhiana as well as developing the industrial hub as a smart city. Focus on the most pressing needs and the greatest opportunities to improve quality of life for residents, improved living conditions, is an urban center that harnesses technologies, such as IT etc.

Smart Cities will utilize analytic to give efficient solutions which would result in energy saving. Renewable sources of energy and Smart parking will be a great advantage of smart city. Townships and translated into a host of advantages for business partners, investors and local economies. The government is paying special attention to the inclusive development of state. For connecting people and better communication the roads across the state would be transformed into 4-6 lane expressways.


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