Punjab Power Surplus

It is a good thing for the nation to export more goods and services than it imports. Net exporter nation is widely known to a true economic powerhouse. Increase in wealth and population due to the competitive striving to obtain maximum surplus-value results in increase of productivity and capital resources.

Punjab has imposed an Infrastructure Development access of 5% on power being .supplied to consumers. The surplus power will attract more attract capital investment leading to fast industrialization of state and moreover tube well connections pending for a decade will become a thing of past. Punjab is falling prey to countrywide trend of overdependence on private power generation units. Punjab is a power surplus state.

solar power generation - Sukhbir Singh Badal (2).png

Punjab will decide the financial survival of PSPCL. .Punjab has already floated tenders for selling 10000 million units power annually which is about 1500 MW round the year. PSPCL has made new ways to impose power cuts to maintain power work. It has found a unique way to fill in the gap between demand and supply: maintenance work for 3-4 hours on almost a daily basis.

solar power generation - Sukhbir Singh Badal (5).jpg

Making Punjab power surplus has launched Punjab into the next orbit of development. Punjab has taken significant steps to ensure availability of quality power to industrial and domestic users at competitive prices. Punjab is the only state in the country which provides free power to its farmers to the tune of Rs 4,700crore every year. Many companies have shown interest in investing in harnessing of solar energy in Punjab which has resulted as a great benefit to Punjab. Punjab is among the top states of the country which has seen major developments in past few years. All because of Punjab government Punjab economy has increased a lot.


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