Benefits of Flyover

Punjab is the leading state in constructing flyovers among all the states. It is the plus points for our growth and economy.  Flyover bridges carries one road or railway line above another either with or without subsidiary roads, for communication between the two. A flyover is an elevated road at a junction.

Junctions create a conflict between different streams of traffic and require special treatment. It has lessened the traffic jam. People can go to distant places without any trouble. With the ease of any problem related to traffic and rush people will be aware of the raising standard of life. flyovers help to streamline the traffic control system by helping to reduce traffic congestion. Reduced horizontal curvature reduces risk of off-road crashes.

Nation in construction of Bridges and Flyovers - Sukhbir Singh Badal

The impact of the flyover construction to curb traffic congestion problem has been assessed in terms of traffic decongestion, time saving and fuel saving. It was found that about 35% of the total traffic is diverted to the flyover, which results in a reduction of about 32% in the total emission generation. It is the time saving technique by travelling on the flyover.

The loss of fuel for combustion and the associated cost resulting from waiting for the signal to change are also estimated, and these are found to be significant. When it rains, it’s not just the roads that are water logged all other streets also get full with water so it’s easy to travel by flyover to get ease of rain water. We are proud to be part of Punjab as it has developed so much .government is doing a lot for the sake of culture and economy.


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