“Smart Swachh Villages”

Government is taking initiative step to clean villages. It’s the main objective of improving the quality of life of rural people. To become mainstream in urban areas will show a positive impact and it will be very useful, even for the growth of economy. A number of innovative approaches to improve water supply and sanitation have been tested in Punjab.

Waste is being treated. A majority of decisions are made in a very centralized manner to make clean environment. Government of Punjab has rolled out at the national level a program to change the way in which water and sanitation services are supported in rural areas. Government is bringing awareness among the people through quite good advertisements. It aims to attain a 100% open defecation free Punjab. It aims to promote community hygiene in rural India.


To help promote waste management practices, government help by installing colour-coded dustbins to segregate waste, thereby reducing the time-consuming job of waste segregation, he made it easier for the villagers to adopt the change. He even promoted revenue generation by setting up a system for the community to sell recyclable material to the local scrap dealer, which was a great motivator for the villagers. All the villages will soon be a swachh villages. Now, it is all set to become the first state in India with 200 villages being developed as “Smart Swachh Villages” within this year by the Punjab government.

It’s a true inspiration to villagers and local government bodies that ‘Clean India’ is not just a phrase…. It is actionable with very little effort.”


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