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Demolition of water kiosk: The act or process of wrecking or destroying

A delegation was led by Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Mr Sukhbir Singh on the matter of demolition of water kiosk (piau) at Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib in Chandni Chowk New Delhi and impressed upon him to intervene into the matter to reinstall the kiosk. Its stated that Aam Adami Party (AAP) and  area MLA Alka Lamba, is responsible for the demolition. AAP government has misinformed the court about the place of ‘piau’ and court orders in this regard are also implemented in a wrong way for its demolition. It needs to ensure that it stops its anti-Sikh activities.Sukhbir calls on Home Minister Rajnath Singh over demolition of 'piau'They directed them to start the Other religious structures are also there, but the demolition began from Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib, which proves that it was done intentionally. The matter was not taken seriously; it reflects that the demolition at historic Gurudwara was a deep rooted conspiracy by AAP to disturb peace and communal harmony. To intervene into the matter keeping in view religious sentiments of Sikhs ask Lieutenant Governor of Delhi to look into the matter and file a correct representation in the court to save the water kiosk at Chandni Chowk Gurudwara to rectify the concern. The government work represents the Sikh community in a positive light. This kind of leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow. Government has been focusing on delivering positive, tangible results. Punjabi’s have inherited the traits of sacrifice and martyrdom from the great Sikh


Come Together For Controlling Drugs And Corruption – Sukhbir Singh Badal

Drugs play a negative part in every day life. It also affects the lives of many. Drugs have become widely recognized as a social and economical problem that affects society as a whole. Drug abuse is prevalent in our society. It hurts our nation as a whole. The Indian state of Punjab is in the grip of a drug abuse crisis.

Drug trafficking has become an increasingly growing problem in the world. Today, more people are purchasing, selling and using illegal drugs than ever before. A large amount of people think that it is a fast and easy way to get money. Drug traffickers are those who destroy communities and kill people for their own gain. Governments around the world have struggled with drug trafficking. Drugs have flooded our communities for far too long and they are causing enough pain and suffering.

eradicate-drug-menace-control-corruption-in-force-sukhbir-tells-police-top-brass - Sukhbir Singh Badal (1)eradicate-drug-menace-control-corruption-in-force-sukhbir-tells-police-top-brass - Sukhbir Singh Badal (2)

Corruption is a phenomenon which can occur in any country of the world. No matter if the country is poor or rich, democratic or authoritarian, big or small – it will not avoid corruption. Now-a-days corruption can be seen everywhere. It is like cancer in public life. Corruption is a great evil that has spread its poison in almost every single country in the world. As expected, developing countries suffer more from corruption. It may seem difficult, but to overcome drug abuse is possible if we totally commit ourselves to the rehabilitation effort. 100% family support strengthens the patients will power to fight the problem of drug addiction.

While organizations like the Red Cross and UNDP are doing their bit in collecting databases, holding de-addiction campaigns. For controlling corruption one has to work to build attitudes, consciousness and knowledge amongst the different employees all through the projects, while simultaneously making sure to establish transparent systems and routines that minimizes the risk and possibility of corruption. A successful anti-corruption work needs to focus on people and there is a great need of coming together and raising our voice against corruption and drugs in Punjab.

“Smart Swachh Villages”

Government is taking initiative step to clean villages. It’s the main objective of improving the quality of life of rural people. To become mainstream in urban areas will show a positive impact and it will be very useful, even for the growth of economy. A number of innovative approaches to improve water supply and sanitation have been tested in Punjab.

Waste is being treated. A majority of decisions are made in a very centralized manner to make clean environment. Government of Punjab has rolled out at the national level a program to change the way in which water and sanitation services are supported in rural areas. Government is bringing awareness among the people through quite good advertisements. It aims to attain a 100% open defecation free Punjab. It aims to promote community hygiene in rural India.


To help promote waste management practices, government help by installing colour-coded dustbins to segregate waste, thereby reducing the time-consuming job of waste segregation, he made it easier for the villagers to adopt the change. He even promoted revenue generation by setting up a system for the community to sell recyclable material to the local scrap dealer, which was a great motivator for the villagers. All the villages will soon be a swachh villages. Now, it is all set to become the first state in India with 200 villages being developed as “Smart Swachh Villages” within this year by the Punjab government.

It’s a true inspiration to villagers and local government bodies that ‘Clean India’ is not just a phrase…. It is actionable with very little effort.”

Modern age is an age of Electricity

A moment of relief and rejoice for Punjab. Punjab has already achieved the status of power surplus and under this agreement the union government will facilitate Punjab to take over 50% of the outstanding debt of the PSPCL in the year 2015-16 and 25% of the outstanding debt in the year 2016-17. It will help a lot to the Punjab and its people.

 We are well known with the uses of power as it has made our lives easier and comfortable and has changed the way of farming. It has tremendously helped in fast communication. It has brought revolution in the field of medical science.  It has significant role in industrial development. It is a boon of science to modern society.

Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana -  Sukhbir Singh Badal (1).jpg

Our life will slip back to primitive age without electricity. So we should be very judicious in the use of electricity. It should be looked for to bridge the gap of its demand and supply. Energy is important in everyone’s life, whether you notice it or not.  The description of its utility in our daily life is unending. It has transformed our life into a wonderful world of ease, comfort, luxury and convenience.

Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana -  Sukhbir Singh Badal (2)

Wonders of Electricity have make life comfortable and worth living. The growing season has become lengthened and places that were previously unable to grow crops can now be cultivated into farm land. This means farmers are able to afford to hire better-quality workers to complete specialized tasks.

Its main goal to live a happy and fruitful life. It has made our life easy to live and serve many benefits.The development of agriculture has much to do with the economic welfare of our country. Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. It would all be possible with uses of power.