Major Infrastructural Revolution

Punjab is witnessing major infrastructural revolution with Rs. 32 thousand 275crore spent till date on providing a world class road infrastructure and also the main cities are being connected with 4 lane and 6 lane roads.


Government has laid the foundation of strengthening and widening of 31.70 kilometer long road from “Sri Satguru Brahmsagar Bhuri Wale Marg” tibba tapprian-dhamana-jatwahar-jhandian-kangar-hyattpur-kahanpur khoohi. Punjab is the first state in the country to have bridges constructed to ease in commuting on main roads and over bridges constructed on 95 percent railway crossings which results in benefitting 40 villages of the area. Punjab witnessed rapid development only when SAD-BJP government was at the helm and congress which ruled the state for so long, can’t list even a single achievement. Aap has no existence in Punjab and its convenor Arvind Kejriwal cannot feel the pulse of the masses. The biggest problem facing our democracy today is that no one in AAP wants to hear the common man’s basic needs. . Tomorrow, it becomes another black unassailable fortress of evil and greed. It is dominated by the so called liberals who are nothing but communists in disguise, seeking to earn money, fame and awards and hide it with pretensions of good-will, liberty, human rights etc. This is the easiest way for them to gain power, influence public opinion and earn more and try to state their insatiable greed. The AAP can neither remove corruption nor usher any new age for Indian democracy and polity. It is a party full of hackneyed concepts and ulterior motives. He said that people of Punjab would not fall into kejriwal’s trap as they have given a befitting reply to outsiders. Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) has always fought for protecting the interests of Punjab and the state government has executed pro-people welfare schemes for the betterment of the state. Government took such initiative step by giving 50 percent subsidy on barbed wire fencing in order to enable farmers of the region to secure their crops against onslaught of wild animals.


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