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Improving the Road Infrastructure

Government has decided to improve the road infrastructure this year. It will show the greater results as people will not have to worry about the time. If the roads will be built people can cover the long distance in small intervals of time. It will be eco friendly project. Improving maintenance will be the best step taken by the government. Roadways are the two most important arms of infrastructure of any state. Greater connectivity and the consequently greater mobility of goods and services enable prosperity.

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Punjab has best surface infrastructure. Punjab has the best combination of quantity and quality of transport infrastructure. Punjab is extensively connected by mettled roads. Almost 55,000 km of roads run across the length and breadth of Punjab connecting 99% of its villages. Punjab also has access to National Highways, Provincial Roads, State Highways, District Roads, and Link Roads. is tight-lipped over the issue for the development. He make the changes in frame to change the game for welfare of state.

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Government have made great influence in the lives of those around globe. It has bring hope, encouragement, and direction to the development of Punjab. The actual putting forth of your will for betterment of Punjab. This project will help promote ethnic consciousness and a positive group identity. It have been focusing on delivering positive, tangible results. It will also encourage people by providing a more positive views. This project will turned out to be a positive result. Depends on the characters of road side where the roadside is grassy it must be mowed; cutting, ploughing or spraying with weed killer must be done.