Government decided to Protect Water and Sacrifice for the State

Water  is not only a resource, it is a life source. We all share the responsibility to ensure a healthy, secure and sustainable water supply for our communities, environment and human beings. Asserting that Satluj Yamuna Link (SYL) would never become a reality, the Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal today avowed to make every sacrifice to protect the river waters of the state. There is no extra water in Punjab to spare for anybody. He said SAD is ready to make every sacrifice on this sacred path. No price is too high in order to safeguard every drop of Punjab’s waters as it is the life’s blood of the state, especially its farmers. Punjab government is protecting water which further helps to protect rural economies dependent upon irrigation water, and helps farmers and ranchers preserve the environment. Punjab is taking such initiative steps by helping people to develop safe and sustainable water sources for their communities. The wise Punjabis now that they are the real culprits who ignored the interests of the state and its people for appeasing their high command. It’s true that water was basic ingredient of life and any such move to share the river waters of the state would be disastrous as it would ruin Punjab. All of us should pledge to protect the waters of the state at any cost. No one can forgive congress for executing anti sikh riots. Congress party’s misrule had broken the back bone of the farmers.  The regressive policies ruined the farmers of the country. Government has decided that all the farmers would be provided a health insurance cover of Rs.50,000 and an insurance of Rs.5 lac in case of accidental death or incapacitation of head of family. Government is doing every effort for serving the people of the state with full dedication and commitment.


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