Historic Decision Regarding SYL

Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal on Wednesday said the construction of Sutlej Yamuna Link (SYL) canal would not be “allowed at any cost and under any circumstances. He asked the people to get ready for a tough battle ahead for saving river waters of the State. He declared that decisions aimed at “robbing” the State and its people of their “rights” would never be accepted to him and SAD-BJP alliance. There never had been any need nor was there one now to construct the SYL canal. Mr. Badal expressed gratitude to the State BJP leadership especially Cabinet Minister Madan Mohan Mittal and State BJP chief Kamal Sharma, who had fully supported the cause for river waters.he declared that he was ready to make any sacrifice rather than allow a single drop of water to flow out of state.he was looking for political revival  through the SYL issue. CM declared to safeguard the river waters of the State at any cost in accordance with the Riparian principles. He assailed the Congress for “depriving the State of its genuine rights” related to river waters. Construction of SYL  is ironic for Badal as well. . It is the Badal government that has now de-notified this canal and returned land to the original owners. his government wrote a letter to Haryana on July 4, 1978, seeking Rs 3 crore for the project. With the alarming rate at which the water table is going down due to excessive tubewell irrigation, Punjab faces the eventual threat of turning into a desert. Referring to Punjab Termination of Agreements Act 2004, which Congressmen claimed as their major contribution, the Chief Minister said all the agreements which were terminated through this Act, were done by Congress governments. It was high time to make “supreme sacrifices” , says Chief Minister of Punjab.


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