Working of AAP and SAD Government

Leaders of the Congress have accused the AAP of trying to avoid forming a government as they know they can’t fulfill their “unrealistic” poll promises. The BJP, which fell five short of a majority with 31 seats, and the AAP have both so far refused to stake claim to power saying they do not have the mandate to rule. Anna Hazare never wanted to politicize the movement and preferred it to remain politically unaligned while Kejriwal’s political aspiration grew after the movement. Going against Anna’s wishes, Kejriwal eventually formed a political party. Media manipulating opinions of AAP members are creating a negative image.
Not all, but many people belonging to this group are just looking for a reason to hate AK as the PM elections come near. And spreading of negative views thereafter is resulting in many people staying away from showing their support towards AAP in open.

SAD and BJP have done a lot to the Punjab and its people. The Union Minister today dedicated several developmental projects to the public and laid foundation stone of others. The SAD-BJP government not only has launched several welfare schemes, but has achieved high success in implementing them properly. People of Punjab have always voted for development and this time too they will cast their precious vote to SAD-BJP government that has heralded in development in state. The historical decision has been taken on Satluj-Yamuna Link, which has reiterated the SAD-BJP government’s pro-people approach meant to safeguard the interests of state’s farmers. Cheques under shagan scheme worth around Rs 13.80 lacs to 90 beneficiaries in the Talwandi Sabo community hall are distributed. Newly constructed 66 kv power grid worth Rs 3.75 cr in village Sekhu that will provide power to nearby areas. Government Primary School will be started in village lehri which will boost the education.


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