Aiming for The Rural Development by Education

Education is the only way to achieve desired goals in life. It plays an important role in socio-economic and political transformation of a country.Education in Punjab is rising day by day. Government of Punjab served many institutes for higher education. Punjab is one of the few states in India that has been in the forefront of education movement. Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and sanctioned Rs 10crore for Integrated Development of the rural areas in the State aimed at giving complete facelift to the villages in the State with the support of Universities. For the state development it utilized to ensure infra structural, social and economic development of over 200 villages under the scheme by the Universities. Support of Universities in this noble cause would act as a catalyst for social and economic development of the rural areas. Government aims to make the Universities a partner in the Punjab’s rural growth. Universities would nurture five villages with the fulsome support and cooperation of the State Government. Punjab government is using various advanced techniques to improve services like Health, education, agriculture and allied farming, water supply and sanitation, sports and skill development & employment. It’s a master plan for giving boost to development of villages. This kind act would lead to the economic development of people residing in rural areas. Universities play proactive role in imparting skill training to youth and women to make them gainfully self employed. Universities make Punjab people aware about various social welfare initiative steps taken by the State Government so that they could reap their benefits and lead a fruitful life in the means of education. Government is taking every possible step to make the farmers aware about making agriculture more remunerative by reducing their input costs. The beginning seems to be very good and hoped that desired target would be achieved soon for the Punjab development.


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