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Demolition of water kiosk: The act or process of wrecking or destroying

A delegation was led by Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Mr Sukhbir Singh on the matter of demolition of water kiosk (piau) at Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib in Chandni Chowk New Delhi and impressed upon him to intervene into the matter to reinstall the kiosk. Its stated that Aam Adami Party (AAP) and  area MLA Alka Lamba, is responsible for the demolition. AAP government has misinformed the court about the place of ‘piau’ and court orders in this regard are also implemented in a wrong way for its demolition. It needs to ensure that it stops its anti-Sikh activities.Sukhbir calls on Home Minister Rajnath Singh over demolition of 'piau'They directed them to start the Other religious structures are also there, but the demolition began from Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib, which proves that it was done intentionally. The matter was not taken seriously; it reflects that the demolition at historic Gurudwara was a deep rooted conspiracy by AAP to disturb peace and communal harmony. To intervene into the matter keeping in view religious sentiments of Sikhs ask Lieutenant Governor of Delhi to look into the matter and file a correct representation in the court to save the water kiosk at Chandni Chowk Gurudwara to rectify the concern. The government work represents the Sikh community in a positive light. This kind of leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow. Government has been focusing on delivering positive, tangible results. Punjabi’s have inherited the traits of sacrifice and martyrdom from the great Sikh


Come Together For Controlling Drugs And Corruption – Sukhbir Singh Badal

Drugs play a negative part in every day life. It also affects the lives of many. Drugs have become widely recognized as a social and economical problem that affects society as a whole. Drug abuse is prevalent in our society. It hurts our nation as a whole. The Indian state of Punjab is in the grip of a drug abuse crisis.

Drug trafficking has become an increasingly growing problem in the world. Today, more people are purchasing, selling and using illegal drugs than ever before. A large amount of people think that it is a fast and easy way to get money. Drug traffickers are those who destroy communities and kill people for their own gain. Governments around the world have struggled with drug trafficking. Drugs have flooded our communities for far too long and they are causing enough pain and suffering.

eradicate-drug-menace-control-corruption-in-force-sukhbir-tells-police-top-brass - Sukhbir Singh Badal (1)eradicate-drug-menace-control-corruption-in-force-sukhbir-tells-police-top-brass - Sukhbir Singh Badal (2)

Corruption is a phenomenon which can occur in any country of the world. No matter if the country is poor or rich, democratic or authoritarian, big or small – it will not avoid corruption. Now-a-days corruption can be seen everywhere. It is like cancer in public life. Corruption is a great evil that has spread its poison in almost every single country in the world. As expected, developing countries suffer more from corruption. It may seem difficult, but to overcome drug abuse is possible if we totally commit ourselves to the rehabilitation effort. 100% family support strengthens the patients will power to fight the problem of drug addiction.

While organizations like the Red Cross and UNDP are doing their bit in collecting databases, holding de-addiction campaigns. For controlling corruption one has to work to build attitudes, consciousness and knowledge amongst the different employees all through the projects, while simultaneously making sure to establish transparent systems and routines that minimizes the risk and possibility of corruption. A successful anti-corruption work needs to focus on people and systems.so there is a great need of coming together and raising our voice against corruption and drugs in Punjab.

Worrying Gets You Nothing

Punjab deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal had “done his best” for the state in the nine years of the SAD-BJP rule. Worrying gets you nothing. If it is in my fate to win, I will despite everything, and if it is fated that I have to go, no one can change that. But I definitely gave it my best shot,” he said. He has done great to the Punjab development. He ran the government very finely.he is the backbone of our developing economy. As we all know that sukhbir sir is the true leader.

Years of Government Development - Sukhbir Singh Badal (4)

He devoted fully for the sake of Punjab peole. It’s our duty to look for our better future which will only be possible with the sukhbir singh badal rule. On the contrary, the biggest problem facing our democracy today is that no one in AAP wants to hear the common man’s basic needs. This is the situation in the whole of our country. Decisions affecting millions of common Indians are taken by a few select leaders. The Aam Aadmi Party or AAP today alleged that many opinion polls are manipulated. AAP can neither remove corruption nor usher any new age for Indian democracy and polity. It is a party full of hackneyed concepts and ulterior motives. They proved inexperienced. In a hurry. No result card to show. Silent on major issues : Reservation, Economy, Defense. The AAP is driven by negative effects and regressive people.

To conclude Punjab government is thankful to Punjab police to say big no to drugs. It’s helping a lot to eradicate drugs.

Punjab to change its phase from bad to developed state

Government has made the Punjab to change its phase from bad to developed state. Now, patanjali food park is to be launched in Ludhiana which will be the golden feather in the government hat. Patanjali will lay the foundation stone of the food park in April this year. As we all know that patanjali products are the most promising products.

Punjab to change its phase from bad to developed state

Patanjali products are cheap and effective. Even patanjali has the India’s best website to buy wide range of herbal products of Patanjali Ayurved including Nutrition and Supplements. It provides natural and herbal treatment and other remedies which are natural products and remedies. They are so natural and awesome. Patanjali is the herbal medicine or tonic for our healthy living.even like badam pak which is best to be known for the brain development in children. Patanjali Food and Herbal Park at Haridwar is the main production facility operated by Patanjali Ayurved. And now Ludhiana will also be known to patanjali food park and products.

It will be very beneficial to Punjab and its people. They will no more suffer for the healthy living. As now patanjali food park will be established. Government is doing a lot for the sake of our nation. People will lead a fruitful life.we owe to their true feelings and happy with their performance. The multi-branding in the food processing industry is benefiting the state in a “big manner.”

Project for Smart City


Punjab is the only state where every village, town and city is connected through road network and state has the maximum density of roads in the country. It will enhances the quality of life. local economic development will take place. It will improve productivity and services.better water facilities and reduction of waste. Ludhiana will have two road projects costing Rs 1,238 crore which will ease traffic congestion in the industrial city. It will be more safer than other.

It will correlate with higher speeds and decreased levels of driver attention. It can easily approach their destination from any direction. This can improve both efficiency and livability of cities.To provide relief to the inhabitants of Ludhiana as well as developing the industrial hub as a smart city. Focus on the most pressing needs and the greatest opportunities to improve quality of life for residents, improved living conditions, is an urban center that harnesses technologies, such as IT etc.

Smart Cities will utilize analytic to give efficient solutions which would result in energy saving. Renewable sources of energy and Smart parking will be a great advantage of smart city. Townships and translated into a host of advantages for business partners, investors and local economies. The government is paying special attention to the inclusive development of state. For connecting people and better communication the roads across the state would be transformed into 4-6 lane expressways.

Punjab govt. doubled the old age pensions

Punjab to live a comfortable and peaceful life - Sukhbir Singh Badal (3).jpg

As people develop through their lifetime they have an expectation that a time will come when they will be able to retire. For some people the State pension is sufficient to provide a basic level of income. Pension schemes can provide protection and pensions to dependants in the event of a member’s death.

In order to encourage pension schemes, the State provides tax relief on contributions made to pension schemes and the growth in their investments. The importance of funded pension systems is growing and the move away from `pay-as-you-go’ pension systems administered by the state. There are many different types of public sector pension plans, including single-employer plans, agent multiple-employer plans , and cost-sharing multiple-employer plans. Pension plans are serve as a means of financial stability and security after retirement.

Pension helps you to maintain a middle-class standard of living, and retirement savings provides important supplemental income for unforeseen expenses. pension plan puts you in a pretty good position. your pension may provide other benefits, such as disability protections. Punjab sarkaar is taking such outstanding steps for the growth of the state and its people. It has double the pensions of old people. The beautiful gift from Punjab government. To make their life comfortable and peaceful . And fulfill their desire needs so that they would not have to depend on others. They are the pillars of our nation. It’s our duty to take care of our elders. They provide us the air to live and to struggle for our future.

Amphibious Buses To Be Launched In Punjab

Dual mode buses with an ability to run both on water and land will be introduced in May at Harike wetlands in Punjab as part of promotion of tourism, Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal announced on Friday.

Amphibious Buses To Be Launched In Punjab By May - Sukhbir Singh Badal

Presiding over a meeting to review the status of ongoing development projects, Mr Badal said the dream project of Punjab government to launch the amphibious buses was nearing reality.

In the first phase, such buses will run between Amritsar and Harike via Tarn Taran catering to domestic and international tourists.

It was also informed in the meeting that tenders in this regard have been floated, which was awarded to world renowned Swedish automotive company ‘Scania’.

Reviewing the status of Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) to be developed in the city at a cost of Rs. 500 crore, Mr Badal informed that BRTS system will also become operational in the holy city from June 1, 2016.

He also directed the executing agency and department concerned engaged in the execution of this prestigious project not only to expedite the pace of work but also to finish construction of service lanes along side dedicated bus tracks within a month.

He also directed departments concerned to finalise the purchase of buses at the earliest under BRTS.

SAD win at Khadoor Sahib will be a win for Development

Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) president Sukhbir Singh Badal said the victory of the SAD in the Khadoor Sahib by poll would be a victory for development and would lay the foundation for an SAD-BJP win in the 2017 assembly elections.

Addressing gatherings at village Deenewal, Pakhoke, Bagrian, Pandori Golla, Sanghe, Naurangabad,Vein Puri, Tur and Pheloke, the SAD president urged the people to vote in party candidate Ravinder Singh Brahmpura with a record margin of one lakh votes to give a befitting answer to opposition parties who had chosen to run away from the fray. Continue reading “SAD win at Khadoor Sahib will be a win for Development”

Punjab to get Oxford University modeled ‘Educity

The quality of education is of prime importance. Striving for more effective education is certainly not yet commonplace in the sector. Teachers and schools take many initiatives to innovate and improve their education, yet effectiveness is given little attention in this process. Punjab is coming up with Educity, the most ambitious education project of Punjab .The Educity will be modeled on the Oxford University. Be prepared.The Punjab government’s upcoming Educity at New Chandigarh, Mullanpur, would reportedly be “modelled on the UK’s Oxford University”.

Punjab to get Oxford University modeled 'Educity  - Sukhbir Singh Badal

It will realise its goal of becoming a world-class education hub. “EduCity is a brilliant concept and it will work. we will see the first cohort of students graduating. These institutes will definitely progressed very well in kick-starting their operations. Continue reading “Punjab to get Oxford University modeled ‘Educity”

Canadian IT firm Kitchener to invest $100 million in Mohali

In a world where data is precious and data integrity is critical, data security becomes non-negotiable. To provide high availability and back-up, offer a wide range of OS and software environments, all with remote management, even virtual servers for economical capacity management. It ensures the data center provides the highest level of security, integrity and redundancy available in the data center solutions industry. With the outsourcing market booming in India. The rapid growth in business has meant that infrastructure is at a premium and most companies with captive data centers have already run out of space and power. As part of bilateral economic cooperation between Punjab and the province of Ontario (Canada), Canadian IT firm Kitchener evinced keen interest to invest 100 million dollars in Mohali IT Park to establish data centre services.

An MoU was inked between Punjab and Ontario in this regard. The agreement emphasises on advancing avenues of economic cooperation. An official spokesman said principal secretary, industries and commerce Anirudh Tewari and Helan Angus, deputy minister, ministry of citizenship, immigration and international trade signed the MoU in Punjab Bhawan in the presence of Punjab deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal and Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne. Sukhbir said exchange of expertise in skill development would be emphasised and Punjabi diaspora in Canada would use the opportunity to invest in Punjab. Sukhbir described Punjab as a hot favorite destination for investment, with two successful progressive Punjab Investor summits.

The bilateral agreement will focus on exploring business and investment opportunities in Ontario and Punjab through seminars and exchange of ideas by industrialists. It will also enhance knowledge about core sectors and rapid economic development of both regions. Also offered co-operation in strengthening the relationship between the two provinces.